blast from the past…Identity Theft

My good name has been stolen…that’s right there is now another MrsJoseGoldbloom out there. I’ve linked the translated site, because the main site is in Japanese.

 Not only did the person steal my name, but they took my old blogspot url! You see I gave birth to the MrsJoseGoldbloom name 6 years ago, and I know it was original because I’ve done searches on it. I’ve never came up with anything other than links regarding me…until now! To add insult to injury once I translated the site I discovered it was some kind of friggin spam site for hair supplements….argh….I hate spamming bastards….especially ones who’ve stolen my good name (okay, maybe not so good). I was going to leave a comment, but they must have them turned off…so I’m going to leave one here for them and hope they notice it.

Hey you…yeah you…Why you steal my name? You’re not ME you’re just cheap imitation! If I could I would comment on your site EEVEERY DAAAY! I would have my friends and family comment on your site EEVEERY DAAAY. We would taunt you and scare away your business by saying things like “hey I used your product and it made me impotent” or “I used your product and my hair fell out”.

the real MrsJoseGoldbloom!  

P.S. I will be back!

Okay I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.  


6 responses to “blast from the past…Identity Theft

  1. I’ve noticed recently that when a blogger calls it ‘quits’, within a week, their old site is taken over. I still have my old site up at blogspot, but I don’t want someone else taking it over.

  2. At least it’s funny when translated through babelfish!

  3. dragonlady474

    You have a good name??!! hehehe

  4. Wait a sec…it wasn’t you that I bought hair tonic from? Uh-oh.

  5. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, at least.

  6. Some pretty deep thoughts:

    “Buyer 1: Unless everyday it continues, because it seems that is not the effect, persevering temporarily, it tries continuing.”


    “Buyer 2: Because it is the supplement, it is easy to take in, don’t you think? is.
    Temporarily, you do not know whether when time the effect is expressed, but including expectation, you drink.”

    These must be some good hair pills.

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