I’m Back

Well my trip to dragon’s was a blast, but all good things must come to an end eventually. However, Jose is taking a serious look at moving down there….Yippee! There is a lot of good blogging material from my trip, but unfortunately that will have to wait until tomorrow as I’ve been extremely busy all day, and I’ve still got stuff to do. Going on vacation is great, but the first day back home is a killer. I plan on writing a big post tomorrow, with plenty of funny Dragon stories.  I hope you all have had a great weekend so far.


2 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Somebody better warn ’em down there. The two of you are a combustible combination!

    Seriously, that would be great to have you two closer. Maybe you could be a good influence on each other. (I can dream, can’t I?) 😉

  2. I need to move down there to keep drags in line!

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