Dragon + Alabama = Alakablama!

Well visiting Dragon sure was fun, and Mr. Dragon made sure we kept our strength by fixing us some wonderful meals. I felt sorry for Poor Mr. Dragon though, I actually overheard Drags reprimanding him a few times whilst I was visiting. Once she was scolding him for not putting enough starch in her underwear…Can you believe that?

While we were there Dragon talked us into making a zombie video to go with a book she is writing on-line “The Zombie Chronicles”. It was a hoot and the kids had a blast. My youngest son Jeremy stated that he is now famous because he has a movie on-line. Hehehe, that kid cracks me up. We also went, bowling, swimming, and shopping. Oh and Dragon’s kids have the game guitar hero for the playstation2 which Jose has become addicted to…Argh!

On one of our shopping trips drags and I were looking at bed pillows. She had gotten one down from the top shelf, and when she tried to throw it back up it went all the way over the top and landed in the next aisle. There were people over there too, I wonder what they thought when a pillow came flying over the top shelf. Dragon was sooo embarrassed, it was great.

I also discovered Dragon’s fly phobia (not the ones on your pants). My Gawd she is manic about it. There was much swearing as she chased around the ones who had foolishly wandered into her gazebo. A few times she worked herself into a frenzy and actually made me fear for my life.

Jose and I are seriously thinking about moving there, but I think the south is still adjusting to Dragon. It may be too soon to add me to the mix.


4 responses to “Dragon + Alabama = Alakablama!

  1. Is the gazebo screened? lol

  2. Yes it is Dazd…LOL but the little boogers still get in.

  3. The two of you together in the south? The south will rise again! 😉

  4. starch in the underwear? Is that to prevent wedgies?

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