Travels with Goldbloom!

Well as most of you know I’ve  just returned from a visit to dragon’s house. Now the visit was an adventure itself, but the drive down there….Well let’s just say that at each end of the trip I fell to my knees and kissed the ground happy to be alive. I’m not saying Jose is a bad driver, I’m just saying that he drives like he’s in some nascar race. You see not only does he drive like his @ss is on fire, but he sometimes follows the cars so closely that I think he’s trying to drift off of them just like in racing. Occasionally I would say “So are you thinking of giving up your IT career and becoming a proctologist?”. Of course he was never impressed by my witty comments, he usually just grunted at me or made a snide comment. Another thing that Jose does while driving, which just drives me insane, is to look at stuff on the side of the road or turn his head and talk with me or the kids….This is while he is going 80 – 90 mph. If Jose and I had to spend every day on the road together I have no doubt that we would have been divorced a long time ago…Seriously! I think the next time we travel for any length of time we should take separate cars.

While on the trip I saw some funny signs, but couldn’t get the camera out in time as we sped by at the sound of light. However I found some on the web and thought I’d post them here for you guys. Enjoy:


Nothing says I love you like Pork!


No comment! 🙂


I wouldn’t have to worry, even an escapee wouldn’t risk riding with Jose.


That sign describes how I felt while riding with Jose….Are you guys feeling my angst yet?


That was left…right?


I want this sign for my yard.


8 responses to “Travels with Goldbloom!

  1. I like the last one, thye used to sell them in Soldier of fortune magazine.

  2. LOL, I’m sitting here laughing at all the dragon tales from your visit down there.
    Alabama is a whole OTHER country, that’s for sure!

  3. dragonlady474

    Row faster, I hear banjo music!! heh

  4. HEHE ‘sped by at the sound of light’ – now that’s funny!!!
    Sounds like a great ‘trip’!!

  5. Hammer…Soldier of fortune…hmmm.

    Laura…”dragon tales” I like that.


    DNR…Dang it DNR, you would have to notice that. Okay I was all flustered reliving the nightmare of riding with Jose, and it just slipped by me. Or Jose did it…yeah…I like that excuse I think I’ll go with that one.

  6. Or uh, dragon tails. hehehe

  7. I liked a sign I saw in Virginia — as we were entering the highway from the on-ramp, I saw a sign at the end of the ramp where you merge into traffic that said “NO LEFT TURN”.

    I don’t think I want to know what happened that the local authorities felt it necessary to put that sign up.

  8. I like that keep out sign and think I will have one made for sweetthing’s half acre and add “Jehovah Witnesses..this means you too.”

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