Bathroom remodel update

Well I thought I’d put up a quick post and let you guys know that Jose and I are still alive and have all our body parts. Jose IS walking with a limp however, and I have a few bald spots…nothing to worry about. 🙂

 We’re almost ready to lay the tile. We’ve got the patch stuff on the underlayment doohickey and we’re waiting for it to dry so we can do the sanding, and snap the chalk lines tonight. Then tomorrow we spread the adhesive and start laying tile….Oh yeah baby!

I stopped by Menards tonight and was checking out the lighting and I found the perfect lighting line to replace all the fixtures in the house, Jose was even happy because the price was reasonable. We’re still looking at shower doors, I think I want one that is just plain glass. I’m wanting to go for the modern/spa look so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to speak up.

Kind of off the subject, but what did you guys think about that bridge collapsing….wasn’t that horrible? Those poor people who’s cars fell into the river. That has always been one of my biggest nightmares. I’ve always been horrified at the thought of my car plunging into the water with me in it.


16 responses to “Bathroom remodel update

  1. remember to lay a line of tiles down the center of the room first. that will be the visual cue for whoever sees it. Then work out from there and have the cut pieces against the walls.

  2. Thanks for the tip Hammer.

  3. I just read int he paper last night that that bridge got a 50 out of a 100 possible points at its last review and no one took any action. So sad.
    Good luck with the bathroom project!

  4. frothingatlemouse

    And how about those bridges with 20’s and zeroes. Shudder.

    Could you come fix our bathroom?

  5. howdy…
    I’m not a big fan of glass shower doors. I mean, yes I am a fan of them because they’re sexy, but I’m not because you have to squeegee them dry after each shower, or you’re going to have a water spotted mess every single day.

  6. Froth & Etchen…I’m going to be nervous everytime I cross a bridge now.

    Tony…howdy stranger. Yes glass shower doors can be a little work, but if you glass-x them the water beads up and rolls off. I also like to turtle wax my shower wall for the same reason. You only have to do it every couple of months and it’s well worth it. I’ve been to your site and noticed how busy you’ve been, you know what they say “no rest for the wicked”…lol

  7. Goodness all these handy tips! That bridge accident was hideous and caused completely by negligence.

  8. I’ve been watching the local news…no reports of a murderous rampage so far. 🙂

  9. Maybe they tiled themselves into a corner and she can’t reach the computer to post.

  10. Ohhhh didn’t think of that.

    MrsJ…if you can read this, flush three times so we know you’re ok!

    Drags and I will call 911 when we stop laughing.

  11. Say Goldbloom, is that a towel rack or is Jose just happy to see you?

  12. Hey MRS JGB, I just wanted to thank you for the HILARIOUS birthday card! MC Hammer and I are ONE now 🙂 Oh, and I just want to leave you with 3 little words: “Can’t touch this..”

    Love ya!

  13. If you have a fear of being trapped in your car underwater, for Christmas (or before!) ask for this:

  14. Limps, bald spots.
    Was all this caused by the thought of a see-through shower door?

    I drove a Volkswagen beetle into a dam once, on purpose, while drunk and got the fright of my life when I battled to open the door. All ended well though.

  15. I think MrsJ is sniffing the tile glue!

  16. or maybe she’s stuck to the floor and can’t get up.

    I have glass shower doors, I like them much better than wrestling with a shower curtain that gets all mildewy. Hard to clean though, especially if you have a lot of minerals in your water.

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