Dragon this is for your amusement…

…I give you Southpark Jose:



23 responses to “Dragon this is for your amusement…

  1. My God it’s a perfect match! lol
    Okay, maybe not quite as good as that one dog that looks like him, but pretty close.

  2. Y’all make a cute couple.

  3. wow, green hair and a goatee. Looks like my grandma.

  4. it’s not easy being green…

  5. OMG, that’s hysterical…it’d probably be even funnier if I knew what looked like in real life!

    P.S. LOVE the green hair…where do you get hair like that anyway? 🙂

  6. I talked to her on the phone the other day and she aaaalways says she’s going to post, but she never does. Lying wench!!

  7. frothingatlemouse

    I was worried. But now I realize-eh-kids-school.


  8. Ok…we are not amused anymore at your absence.

    Dragon…are you amused still, as the title would suggest?

  9. No, I am NOT amused. I am arms folded, teeth clenched, mouse clicking, impatient!

  10. dude, really…get with it.

  11. you promised you would not do this to us any more

  12. Going on 30 days of absence. Before long your short-term disability will run out and you’ll have to file FMLA with Human Resources Department.

    And that needs a doctors approval!


  13. Okay, now I have to say that I’m slightly amused because she just sent me some Amish noodles. 🙂

  14. Fine…she didn’t send me any Amish noodles!

  15. You know, this is just like dieting….the longer you put it off, the harder it gets! Come back already, sista!

  16. would you like some cream with your hiatus?

    Michelle, my favorite personal ad title is: Like poop, the older I get…the eaiser I am to pick up.

  17. (clinking beer bottles together)

    “Warriors, Come out to Play-ay!”

  18. “Yooo-hoo!” You still aorund? Come back already!

  19. Are you EVER coming home Goldbloom? (sniff… sniff) 😦

  20. Dear Goldbloom,

    First and foremost, I hope that there is nothing seriously wrong. Life is not easy and can sometimes throw a real curve ball. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in case this is the situation.

    If you just got tired of blogging, I understand. I would go days – even weeks – without something of value to say – and often thought of just ripping this down.

    Know that we (your audience) miss you. We miss your wit, your wisdom, your bad sense of humor, your criticisms, your heartfelt posts about life, and most of all we miss your life. I think the best part of blogging for me has been knowing that I am not alone in this struggle called life. Your experiences helped me see that I too can rise above.

    Know that we will welcome you back with open arms if you decide to come back. (Of course, be prepared for some shit about why you didn’t tell us you were leaving).

    And, if we never meet again – in real life or in the blogosphere remember this;

    “I think the most beautiful thing is that we’re not parting because there were problems. We’re parting because we’re celebrating each others’ growth…”

    Yes..I shamelessly “borrowed” this from http://mylifestartsatfortytwo.com/

    But damnit, it says it all.

  21. I agree with Dazd.
    Where are you???

  22. Just checking in.

    Come back soon

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