What to write?

Hello everyone remember me? How are you guys doing? Is everyone okay?

I think my blogging hiatus has interfered with my ability to write, since I’ve attempted to post on several different occasions with no success. I just can’t seem to break this writer’s block that I have going on…any suggestions? I need to write something quick too, because Dazd & Dragon are planning some sort of hostile takeover of my site.

I can’t really explain why I haven’t been blogging, because I don’t really know myself. I have however been lurking on your sites from time to time as you might have noticed. I even attended a blog meet in December and got to meet Dazd of “Dazd and confused” & Jerry from “Back home again“, it was a great time. Of course Dragon was there too causing trouble as usual (the monkey on my back so to speak).

 While Dragon was here for the holidays she taught my son a martial arts move called the crane…apparently it involves falling on your ass and rolling around on the ground while groaning…I still don’t get it. Dragon was also caught molesting the life sized Santa at my parents house, oh well I guess every family has to have their black sheep.  🙂

The kids are all doing well in school this year…what a relief! My youngest son (8yrs old) has had a few minor incidents, but even the teacher could hardly keep from laughing when she called me. The latest incident involved him sticking a jump rope between his legs and swinging it around while pretending it was a part of his anatomy…BOYS…I’ll never understand them.

Anyway I’ll try to do better about posting. I know you’ve heard that before, but this time I mean it….really!


15 responses to “What to write?

  1. How nice to see you back Mrs. Jose! Sure cure for writers block….write with someone else or witness a murder (whichever is easier to achieve).

  2. And here I was ready to post your picture on a milk carton.

    Welcome Back!

  3. Welcome back. Nice to see you.

  4. Is that really you?

    I wouldn’t call it hostile…how can it be hostile if’n you’re not around? lol

  5. Great to see you writing! God I hope I never get that call from the school! I think I saw that move on Americas funniest videos 🙂

  6. I will never do the crane move again. The crane’s neck has been broken. lol
    I can’t believe little J did that! hehehe…he’s getting more and more like you every day. 🙂

  7. btw…your attempt at embarrassing me has been…shall we say…rectified. 🙂

  8. MRS JGB! Welcome back—we have SURELY missed you! We’re gonna hold you to posting, you know. Just like AA with the 12 steps…maybe we will award you with a big old poker chip when you have posted consistently for a month!

    As for topics how about the upcoming political stuff ?? That’s always good for a laugh or debate.

  9. Well… I’ll be… Mrs JGB!!

    Welcome back lady, glad to read you again. Sorry I missed the Dazd fun… maybe next time.

  10. Goldbum! How ya doing!

  11. Kat…The longer I sat at the keyboards typing the easier it got, part of the problem is in getting myself to the pc to begin with.

    Jerry… if you put my pic on a milk carton you might get cottage cheese. LOL

    Freddie…Thanks, and how are you enjoying that new house of yours?

    Dazd…Don’t be a wise ass! 🙂

    Hammer…the scary part is I know it isn’t the last call I’ll be getting.


    Michelle…Thanks I really missed you guys too. Politics are a touchy subject and I might offend someone….okay I’ll do it!

    DNR…I was disappointed that you didn’t make it to the blog meet, but I understand about the whole family obligations thing….but next time I expect to see you there. LOL

    Fester…I’m doing fine but how about you, have you been behaving yourself?

  12. Absolutely not!

    Life is too short to behave.

  13. I can vouch for the fact that Uncle Fester has not behaved! The world would fall off its axis otherwise. 😉

    Welcome back, Mrs. JG! I’ve missed you.

  14. welcome back kotter. Is this just another tease? ‘Cause if it is I can get that at the local strip joint.

  15. Welcome back. I was wondering if you had been kidnapped by Gypsies or something.

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