Search Terms of the Sick and Twisted

Well it’s been a while since I was on my dashboard and yesterday while I was in there looking around I discovered some pretty amusing search terms. Of course some of them are just down right weird…What’s wrong with you people!!

Following is a list of the more bizarre searches,  I put my commentary in bold print following each search term.

  • psycho kill sister question  (Dragon is that you?)
  • gi joe big guns  (You know what they say “big guns, big…..never mind!)
  • florence henderson nude  (Greg this is just sad…really)
  • word for when you sleep too much  (Lazy-ass)
  • polite revenge ideas  (This has passive, aggressive written all over it)
  •  (How in the hell did they end up on my site!…I want answers)
  • gi jose toys  (I’m not going there)
  • “multiple breasts in film”  (Tony?!?!)
  • all serial killers get the same answer  (This ones just Weird!!!) 
  • man with bushy eyebrows   (I have nothing!)
  • a bitter thing, a lamentable thing  (What is dragon?)
  • give them the pickle  (LOL…What? AngryDemocrat is that you?)
  • you left the barn door open  (Hopefully the cow’s not getting out)
  • blue rubber chicken  (The other white meat?)



10 responses to “Search Terms of the Sick and Twisted

  1. dragonlady474

    LOL! So who got the pickle?

  2. Beats me…I don’t want the pickle!

  3. Wow there are some real wackos out there.
    At least they aren’t looking for watermelon snuff anymore.

  4. Hammer: They’re still looking for that and a lot of the other “same ol” searches I just didn’t post them. I wanted something new, fresh, exciting.

  5. I get a couple of hits a day looking for a picture I posted a couple of years ago of a nice Jewish girl holding a gun..go figure..over 7000 posts and this one gets the most google hits

  6. dragonlady474

    I get the Florence Henderson one too. And for some inexplicable reason people end up on my page when searching for escorts from my hometown.

  7. Guy: I know the stuff that gets all the hits are the most obscure posts. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Dragon: I am not eeeeven touching that one. 🙂

  8. I got here by a search looking for a dragon being shafted in a padded cell whilst looking for zombies.
    F*ck, life is strange.
    You can’t make this shit up.

  9. dragonlady474

    LOL…You made it to the right place then.
    Or, you know, my blog would have done too.

  10. Kees: LOL, now that’s funny!

    Drags: Stop pimping your site. 🙂

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