Rants of the day


Okay my first rant is about my kids & husband’s inability to locate the dirty clothes hamper. This seems strange to me since it’s been in the same place since we moved here almost 4 years ago. Maybe my kids like the smell of dirty laundry emanating from the piles in their closets. Maybe Jose doesn’t mind if someone comes over and sees his dirty underwear in the middle of the bathroom floor. I just don’t get it!

I hate how everyone always assumes that since I stay at home I must be available to do things for them all day long since I have nothing better to do….GRRRRR!

Every grocery day I get irritated as hell when I pull my cart into a lane and have the cashier act like someone with feces smeared all over them has just entered their little world. I know I’ve usually got a shit load of groceries for them to ring up, but isn’t that their job???? I’ve actually had one cashier blatantly roll their eyes at me when I pulled into their lane, I just wanted to slap his little face. :::deep breaths:::

 Why does my bird continue to do her stupid mating ritual when there is NO MATE around. The whistling and the screeching are driving me insane. Hmmm I wonder if there are any good cockatiel recipes in my cookbook.

Why can’t men hit the toilet?????

Why does the stupid neighbor cat keep spraying the bush that’s right by my front door? Not only does it desecrate my bush (shut up drags), but it craps in my gutter drain pan thingy!

Well I think that’s all of the ranting I can stand to do in one sitting…I feel my blood pressure rising. Maybe I should go drink some coffee or do some yoga or something. See Ya!






13 responses to “Rants of the day

  1. I sympathize. I am the stay at home grandma. I am raising the grandson even though BOTH of his parents are here….go figure. I could really go off on a long rant on that one alone………..Plus all of the other things you had listed in your rant!
    Hmmm……maybe I will do that and get it out of my system, but do it on my shadow gallery blog.
    I hope things get better!

  2. “desecrate my bush…”

    Thanks for the Monday laugh!

  3. A pellet gun would solve the cat problem.

  4. Morrigan: You should definitely try a rant, it actually feels good getting things off your chest. I applaud you for taking care of your Grandson, my sister (dragonlady) and I were raised by our Grandparents and we developed a wonderful relationship with them.

    Freddie: Well I’m glad my misery, and my desecrated bush, could bring a smile to someones face. 🙂

    Dazd: I don’t think I could ever bring myself to use it on him, even if he is a sneaky little bastard who’s stinking up my bush. (I said shut up Drags)

  5. What is a dirty clothes hamper? Ain’t the floor there by the shower there just for dirty clothes and a wet towell?

    A double bitch slap will usually take the sneer off a cashiers face..

    And if men hit everything we aimed at the world would be overpopulated sure ’nuff

    and about that cat? Cats pissing in rose gardens are the primary reason that the creator gave man the sense to buy and use a 12 gauge shotgun..besides, they taste just like chicken

  6. dragonlady474

    Goldbloom, word has it that you bush was desecrated a long time ago. lol

  7. Wow. Knock me over with the proverbial feather…she’s regularly posting! I’m frickin’ impressed. 🙂

    P.S. Nice visual with the art there….you might have a career in advertising? 😉

  8. “desecrate my bush…”

    BTY – did you read what you posted on my blog comments…? Have you been drinking?

  9. Guy: Cats taste like chicken? I would have thought that they tasted like tuna, what with them loving fish and everything.

    Drags: Shut up and call your english teacher…hehehe

    Michelle: In advertising? Really? Hey I might have to check into the possibilities.

    DNR: LOL…no I haven’t been drinking, not today anyway!

  10. dragonlady474

    Goldbloom, denial is such an ugly thing.

  11. dragonlady474

    BTW, don’t forget to call me after my final today!

  12. My daughter is a cashier right now while she’s putting herself through school. She complains about the customers allll the time. Maybe you two should get together and write opposing blog posts, lmao!
    Actually, both she AND I would want to double bitch slap the eye rolling troll you mentioned.
    I hate grocery shopping. I hate it, I hate it, I haaaate it.

    We finally got rid of our cockatiel because it would never, ever shut up. I thought I was going insane from listening to him. Finally found a willing victim to take him, and she claims he’s real quiet around her. I ain’t buying that line of BS.

  13. I’ve got the same issues.

    Cat spray killing my yard..check

    Kids throwing clothes everywhere check

    Cleaning up piss constantly

    What to do?

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