Haiku To You

Okay everyone I need a favor…please go to the following link and vote for my Haiku poem….PLEASE!!!!PLEASE!!!!PLEASE!!!! Oh BTW here’s my poem:

His, mine, ours or not
This house has been overwrought
Oh where to begin!



29 responses to “Haiku To You

  1. Just voted for ya…looks like you’re neck and neck with Troll.

  2. Thanks Michelle.

    Troll……You’re going Down buddy! LOL

  3. dragonlady474

    I would but, you know, bananas don’t have hands to click with.

  4. Just use that long pointy thing growing out of your head. 🙂

  5. Ha…I thought you’d say something like “I’m too slippery to vote”, DL!

  6. She’s slippery alright! hehehe

  7. I voted for you. I don’t understand your poem, but I voted for you anyway.

    Actually, I didn’t understand any of them…

  8. Just made the voting deadline! You were in front with 23.3%!

  9. Alrighty…you have a 7% lead with my vote!!!

  10. When is the winner announced? Kick some ass, Goldbloom! LOL.

  11. Thanks guys…voting ends today at 9am eastern time.

  12. Oh BTW Michelle your card came in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the great card…it made me laugh, it made me smile, and most of all it didn’t make me cry! 🙂

  13. I thought it was hilarious…glad it gave you a laugh too. I’d hate to be the only fool laughing in the card aisle all by myself 🙂 Happy Belated Bday!!!

  14. You should try being the only fool in the toy section trying on a cowboy hat and twirling a 6-shooter while saying “Somebody poisoned the water hole”…not that I’ve done that or anything. Just sayin!

  15. Your kids must just either (a) get an absolute kick out of you OR (b) cringe everytime you do something like that…LOL. I’m going with (b).

  16. Actually Drags was with me when I did that! LOL

    My kids actually encourage me to behave that way…yep they’re MY kids.

  17. Why am I not suprised? (About either comment)..LOL.

  18. I always go through the toy sections, hit all the noise buttons I can and leave. 🙂

  19. Dazd: So that was you the other day at Meijer!?!?

  20. Probably. And then he swung by and picked up Dragon who was in the produce department, searching for–you guessed it—BANANAS. LOL.

  21. Michelle here is a pic of what Drags looks like whilst hanging out in the produce department.

  22. AHAHA! That’s good. Nice pic of her. Miss Chiquita 2008.

    P.S. I don’t think she is speaking to me. Except to push the banana subject…so, she is a banana pusher now. LOL.

  23. I like to refer to her as the Banana pimp!

  24. She’s gonna get us for those last 2 comments….but we are only having fun. Well, at least I am! LOL.

  25. She isn’t very aPEELing when she is mad.

  26. Nice SLIP of the tongue!

  27. dragonlady474

    Uhhhh huhhhh…laugh it up.

  28. OH…hi drags….uh….we were just wondering where you were at.

  29. The whole BUNCH of us were wondering that…LOL.

    Aw c’mon, you know we love y0u! 🙂

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