F@$&-Off Friday

UPDATE: I decided to add this glorious screen shot from the video!


13 responses to “F@$&-Off Friday

  1. Bad boy, bad boy what cha gonna do……

  2. dragonlady474

    Dah dah do dah, dah do dah

  3. wow, I watched that for a minute, until I was sick looking at that crack-head body and innertube lips. Lucky I stopped it before he started to sing.

  4. Good Lord HB…that’s blasphemy!

  5. dragonlady474

    LOL…look at HB’s avatar!

    Goldbloom, quit drooling over the picture and read the post I put up about Michelle. 🙂
    Of course I couldn’t have done it without your photoshopping skills.

  6. HB’s avatar kind of reminds me of the flying spaghetti monster…LOL

  7. dragonlady474

    Limp noodles? lol

  8. Innertube lips… LMAO

  9. Where’s my PeptoBismol?

  10. Anyone feel like going tubing? 😉

  11. dragonlady474

    🙂 Better blow up the innertube.

  12. dragonlady474

    Looking over at the recent comments (sidebar) it looks like everyone has been ON Goldbloom. Hell, even Goldbloom has been on Goldbloom.

  13. LOL…shut up drags!

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