Now it’s your turn!

Well it appears that I have won the Haiku contest over at sparrow’s nest, I haven’t gotten the official word yet but the voting ended at 9am est time. Thanks to all of you who voted for my lovely Haiku…LOL. The prize for this contest is a Deluxe Care Package sent to a member of the military serving in harm’s way, and I get to choose the soldier who will receive this package. This is where those of you who voted for me come into play. If any of you knows a soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and you would like to see them receive this package please leave a comment below…and maybe give a little info about the soldier. Also email me with the soldier’s shipping info so that I can relay it to Sparrow. If more than one soldier is nominated I’ll do an update on this post to let you guys know which soldier I selected.  Again thanks for voting for me…I love you guys :::sniff sniff:::: Now look what’s happened I’ve done went and got all mushy.

 UPDATE: Dazd’s friend SFC Scott A. Shaw will be the recipient of the Deluxe Care Package…congrats!


6 responses to “Now it’s your turn!

  1. That’s a great prize! Very creative thinking there. I do not know of a soldier overseas, but I am sure other readers do and will give you suggestions…Way to Go, Goldbloom!

  2. Yes I happen to know someone serving right now. I’ll wrestle the details later this weekend.

  3. Ok..went ahead and sent it via email. If I didn’t do it at coughworkcough I would’ve forgotten.

  4. Dazd Yooouuu slacker! 🙂

  5. I was being productive…just on my time his dime. 😉

  6. Don’t try to confuse me!

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