BTW Drags….

Did I forget to tell you that we’ve got a scanner now??? 

Isn’t Drags just the cutest thing?


35 responses to “BTW Drags….

  1. dragonlady474

    Hey, I was hot stuff. Why did you put a pic of you on there though? lol

  2. Oh there’s noooo denying that pic….it’s 100% dragon!

  3. dragonlady474

    It doesn’t look like a dragon to me…lol.

  4. looks like war 2 me

  5. dragonlady474

    Hmmm…it seems to me there’s a matching picture that goes with that….let me see…where is it??

  6. Did somebody say WAR?

    Drags: I’ve got the matching pic…SOMEWHERE!

  7. Hag check your email…i just scanned another pic, but you would kill me if I put that one on my blog.

  8. dragonlady474

    Oh God. lolol

  9. dragonlady474

    Do the words, you’ll die a painful fucking death mean anything to you?

  10. dragonlady474


  11. dragonlady474


  12. Don’t worry…I’ll just keep it for my own personal amusement.

  13. dragonlady474


  14. Good God I get it already!

  15. dragonlady474

    LOL…it was from my bachelorette party, wasn’t it?

  16. Actually it was my bachelorette party….jeez

  17. dragonlady474

    Well, it was somebody’s bachelorette party?? I had a little too much to drink that night. lol

  18. Remember Jose stayed at Pen & Phi? I also have the pic of you with thee, ahem, magazine.

  19. dragonlady474

    LOL! As soon as I saw that pic I wondered where the other one was. ughhh

  20. U said it, Mr. D…waiting for the retaliation over here…

  21. Who’s the boy in the picture?

  22. dragonlady474

    ::gasp:: Jerry!

  23. Oooo, Jerry, you’re going DOWN now…LOL!

  24. 10 cents if you post that picture.

  25. dragonlady474

    LeeAnn! Noooo bidding!

  26. dragonlady474


  27. hmmm… 15 cents!!!!

  28. 20 cents.

  29. $1.00
    Today is my day to live dangerously and dance with the devil in the pale moonlight…………

  30. Ohhhhhh looks like Morrigan wins!

  31. frothingatlemouse

    omg. bwahHAHAHAHAAAAAA

  32. dragonlady474

    Yeah well…well…I got better. lol

  33. Oh now I know who it is: It’s Harry Potter.

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