miscellaneous BS

Is there anything more exhilarating than the good ole yearly physical? Well I guess I’ll find out in a few minutes because I have an appointment for one this morning.  Yuck! I’m getting about sick of Doctors, hey are they supposed to make you sick? I’ve already got the yearly eye exam and bi-annual teeth cleaning out of the way so what the hell I might as well go for the boob smashing, needle poking, alien probing and ahem all the other pleasantries. The only thing I’m interested in (regarding this appointment anyway) is finding out my cholesterol level. The last three years it has been doing a steady climb and so far I’ve been able to talk the doctor out of putting me on Lipitor. So anyway send positive cholesterol lowering vibes my way….PLEASE! Anyways I’ll let y’all know what my cholesterol level is when I find out, but now I must go prepare for my appointment…Wish me luck!


37 responses to “miscellaneous BS

  1. dragonlady474

    Suddenly I hear strains of “back in the saddle again”…lol. Those stirrups are cold.

  2. I think they should hand out flowers and chocolates afterwards!

  3. dragonlady474

    Only if the chocolates are wrapped. heh

  4. dragonlady474

    BTW, I put up something for you on my site. 🙂

  5. Stirrups…cold…LOL. OMG, Dragon, you slay me! 🙂

  6. I think they should provide you with ahem, SOMETHING ELSE afterward…LOL. 😉

  7. dragonlady474

    Counseling? lolol

  8. Michelle: What…a cigarette?

  9. No. What about us NON-smokers? LOL.

  10. JEEEEZ…Ok…maybe a shot of whiskey???

  11. I like that one. Go with that. Hey, aren’t you going to your appt? You’re going to be late……..no whiskey for you.

  12. Actually I’ve already been there. My appt was for 9:45 and my docs office is only 5 minutes away.

  13. How was the cholesterol level?

    I was given a exam yesterday at the gas station. Sad part was I couldn’t afford the vaseline…its petroleum based and the prices went up too.

  14. Dazd, Dazd, Dazd (:shakes head:)…what ARE we going to do with you? Hey, P.S. Did you know Jeremiah was a bullfrog? He was a good friend of mine…

  15. Michelle: I think you’ve lost it…LOL…You know I never understood a single word he said, but he always had some mighty fine wine!

    Dazd: LOL to your gas station experience.
    It’ll probably be a good (or bad) 2 weeks before they let me know what my levels are.

  16. Oh, I past “lost it” several years ago, Goldbloom. That’s probably why I can banter with you and Dragon now…LOL. Joy to the World!

  17. dragonlady474

    So what are you saying Michelle, are you saying we’re…..::insert cuckoo clock noise::?

  18. Make an inference you want, DL…us crazy people are not responsible for our actions (or any statements we may make)..LOL.

  19. Jeremiah was actually a tadpole with grand illusions of being a bullfrog. Unfortunately he was just a common toad.

    News at 11…

    And yes…One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do

  20. dragonlady474

    Not with the right accessories it isn’t!

  21. You know what they say drags….accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

  22. dragonlady474

    That’s right. Just don’t forget the friggin’ batteries. There’s nothing like jump starting your accessory to kill the mood.

  23. Just what in the hell are we talking about here?

  24. Dazd, didn’t Mama tell you NOT to come? That ain’t the way to have fun, son.

    See if you can’t get Chuck to clear up the Jeremiah inconsistencies on tonight’s show.

  25. I feel a Sex and the City moment coming on here, Goldbloom, LOL.

  26. dragonlady474

    Cue the sax music!

  27. Excuse me did you say sex music?

  28. dragonlady474

    Sex, sax or sacs….whatever gets the job done.

  29. Excuse me did you say job?

  30. dragonlady474


  31. LOL…I’m not saying another word.

  32. Ok maybe I will!

    Michelle: This aint no old fashioned love song!

  33. dragonlady474

    Sure it is, about as old as they get. lol

  34. Its not some old fashioned love song but the ink is black…the page is white…

  35. Everyojne is helpful
    Everyone is kind, I’m on the road to Shambala..

    Over to you Goldbloom and Dazd. 😉

    P.S. Eli’s Coming.

  36. Liar…I’ve never been to Spain!

  37. But I kinda like the music…

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