#@!$-OFF Friday!

Well for your enjoyment and culinary delight I’ve decided to showcase some interesting food and drink which you might want to give a try. Bon Appetite!

Heinz Spotted Dick Pudding. While shopping at the local Meijer last night I was quite shocked when my 17 year old daughter shouted “spotted dick” and went into a fit of laughter. She’s a chip off the old block aint she? She does me proud. LOL

Anyone up for some groin? Quick break out the Grill!

The name of this drink suggests to me that it may be flammable! So make sure you’re wearing flame retardant pants before you crack open one of these babies.

Anyone up for a creamy collon? Uh…Yum?

What a manly candy bar! LOL that’s all I can say, but oh boy could I say more!

Wimpy Chicken Bender? Quick somebody call PETA!


12 responses to “#@!$-OFF Friday!

  1. Groin and the Manly candy bar sound like trouble to me!

  2. Personally I thought Wimpy Chicken Bender had trouble written all over it. LOL

  3. LOL Sounds painful!

  4. ROFL! I’d really hate to live over in England…it seems like a lot of these might be indicative of that place. I guess it’s all what you’re used to though… 😉 Big Nuts…LOL.

  5. If I ever go to England I’ll need an extra large paper bag, because I’ll be brown baggin it!

  6. Me too 🙂 Spotted Dick…YUM! NOT.

  7. I also found the “Baldanis” drink quite interesting…if not scary!

  8. No doubt…and isn’t anise like a licorice flavor? YUCK.

  9. Have you ever seen that program on BBCAmerica, You are what you eat?
    No wonder the Brits are overweight! Between that program and the food shown here, it is enough to put a person off eating altogether!

  10. dragonlady474

    You have to have a lot of nuts to put out a candy bar like that.

  11. frothingatlemouse

    Don’t tell Merv about the candy bar. He’d be offended.

  12. Everybody needs a can of spotted dick every once in awhile.

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