And then there was Monday!

Well what a weekend…busy, busy, busy! I spent the weekend sorting through the piles of paper crap that we seem to have accumulated over the past 23 years. Just when I thought I was finished with one pile I’d discover another one tucked away in some dark, long forgotten corner. Or I’d open a drawer and discover folders and stacks of paper…Good God how does one let this happen? Of course then there was the filing cabinet to go through and clean out. I’m still amazed that I was able to get though it all without 1 paper cut, although I did suffer eye strain.

It ended up being a very emotional process for me though, because I happened upon old school papers from the girls, letters that Jose and I had wrote each other before and shortly after we were married, and then the show stopper was the letter my biological dad had wrote me after I found him. I didn’t know my biological dad until I was 35, I found him through the internet. It’s a good thing I found him when I did, because 10 months later I got the call that he had died from a heart attack brought on by an aneurysm. Anyway thepaper problem has been handled and the trash men were probably cursing us this morning when they saw the mound of garbage bags awaiting their arrival.

Ahhh…but the paper piles were just a part of my weekend, there was also the cleaning of my closet. I had clothes in there I hadn’t wore since 1992! BTW has anyone ever noticed that when you clean out your closet you end up with this HUGE pile of stuff to take to goodwill, but your closet still seems just as full as it did before you started???? WTH…how can this be? Oh well at least I’ll be helping out the shoppers at Goodwill whom I’m sure will be fighting over my coveted items. 🙂

Just writing about my weekend is making me tired. I should go now, I think I need coffee, and plenty of it! Have a great Monday everyone.



4 responses to “And then there was Monday!

  1. You have the accumulated paper problem too?! We have so much in common…

  2. We are tree killers…all of us! I kept cleaning my various closets in stages…2 down, only my clothes closet to go, which I will be tackling this coming weekend. And yes, I too, would like to know how even after you clean it out, it still seems like you have the same volume as before…

    Hey Goldbloom, I bought you a present this weeknd…very small, but fitting. I will send it to Dragon to give to you! You will crack up when you see it.

  3. I always tell the missus, when its time to move I’m getting a 40 yard dumpster before we call the movers.

  4. I do think my clothes are reproducing in the closet when I’m not looking.

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