Raaitlaaiking like a mofo for Keesie!?!?

Here is an excerpt from kees site. It explains a little bit about what’s going on, but to be totally honest I’m still a little confused, I think Kees has some kind of jungle fever or something. Anyway read the following and you can also check out his site for the rest of the rambling rules.

“Tuesdays = Raaitlaaik = for the first graders, laaik the States = Write a post like someone on your Blogroll.
As I am the only living person that puplished a disagreement (I mean still living) with
Bane, Goldbloom and Froth, I hereby dare them to confront me here, on Tuesday.
“We will now sing from Hymm number so and so for the good life that KeesKennis lived”

So I will be doing:
Raaitlaaik Sweething
Raiitlaaik Bane
Raaitlaaik Goldbloom
Raaitlaaik Froth
And I hope they will be doing WriteLike KeesKennis (that is if they can get Drunk/Dumb/Stupid/Smart enough) “

Ok those were the rules and now that you’re as totally confused as I am I will attempt to blog like kees…wait maybe I SHOULD go drink a pint of rum or something first….BRB!

Keesie must explore jungle make sure all is good! Oops first me must put on loin cloth…my bad.

Hoosierboy I found your snake…Could you please come get it.

This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way back home again.

Dragon learns to be careful when telling others to “bite me”.

Well there you have it my attempt to blog like keesie & I know it was a lame attempt, but I don’t think I had enough alcohol. I’m supposed to pick four people to do this, but I remembered that Keesie also said this “Keesie does not laaik rules, so please break them allways.” Okay Kees, who am I to not follow directions….Sooo if any of you are wanting to Raaitlaaik me feel free to join in the fun, but be sure to link to Kees. Ciao!


4 responses to “Raaitlaaiking like a mofo for Keesie!?!?

  1. I got an e-mail from ole nic..he is out in the jungles of the Congo right now doing whatever it is what he does..I did a guest post for him at his request..

  2. Ok. I’m a little lost (no big surprise there, right?), but I DO thank you for that first photo!

    DAYum… 😉

  3. GuyK: I saw your guest post, it was great. Hopefully Kees took his bug spray!

    Freddie: I’m still confused. I think “DAYum” is a good name for that first pic…LOL

  4. Goldbloom, you are a sweetie, you however spell too many word correctly, pratice gets you up to my srtanderd eventualy, love Ya.
    Confucius said: “Man with hands in pockets, feels cocky all day”

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