Animal Tales

I can’t even get my cockatiel to say “hello” let alone our frigging address. Is there a trick to it or do I just have a stubborn ass bird?  Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address

Like I’ve always said keep behaving like an ass and you’ll end up behind bars some day. Mexican donkey jailed for ornery behavior  Don’t these Mexican police have anything better to do then arresting the local livestock? Who has to pay for the donkey’s feed? Did he get his one telephone call?

You know there’s always a lot of “bull” running rampant around the Goldbloom house, but nothing like this.  Like a bull in a china shop, but worse   I can’t believe they didn’t offer him any snacks or refreshments…what rude hosts.


2 responses to “Animal Tales

  1. Wow. Can you imagine? Bulls can’t climb stairs, can they?

  2. dragonlady474

    ::cough:: donkey show

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