Can you believe it????

It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t posted since last Friday…okay I hear that mumbling in the back of the room! Well things have been crazy here, especially with school winding down for the year. Lil Jose, & Jeremy’s last day was today, and Katira’s is tomorrow. I’m sooooo relieved that summer break is here, I’m soooo ready to start sleeping in till 6:30am. It’s only an hour of extra sleep, but I’m totally excited about it. As a matter of fact I’m probably more excited than a grown woman should be about such things.

Katira’s boyfriend (Corey) graduates this year and on Saturday she’ll be attending a sleepover/camp-out/live rock-band type of party with Corey’s family. Sounds like a great time…why am I soooo nervous? Jose threatened to kick both their @sses if they didn’t behave, I wonder if they’re scared?

The boys have been having accidents the past couple of days. Jose II has had 2 bike wrecks, and Jeremy has had two wrecks on his razor scooter….what the heck is up with that? Thank goodness neither one has been hurt badly, they’re just banged up a little bit.

Katira is dog sitting for my parents schnauzer Dusty while they’re on vacation. OMG I’ve never seen so much gratuitous licking in all of my life. Good God you would think Hollywood should be satisfied licking himself, but apparently NOT! Dusty actually gets mad at me when I make Hollywood stop and he’ll start following me around barking at me. I’m considering muzzles for the both of them. Well that’s all I’ve got for now…I’ve got to get outta here…lickety split!




7 responses to “Can you believe it????

  1. So glad you checked in. Always a little worried these days about you “pullin’ a Goldbloom”. (We miss you when you’re gone.)

  2. “pullin a Goldbloom” LOL!

  3. dragonlady474

    “Pullin’ a Goldbloom” could also be referring to something else. If her name was Richard. 🙂

  4. lickety split? …pun intended?

  5. Hey Tony how are ya???…And yes most definitely pun intended.

  6. doin’ great goldy…back from the Memphis area. Dude, Memphis sucks. Don’t ever go. Lest you are doing a Science Fair Project on being a minority.

  7. Tony there are no science fair projects in my future so I will avoid Memphis.

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