My Lab results are back and…….

My total cholesterol has dropped 20pts…woohoo! I still have more work to do, but it IS nice to know that what I’ve been doing is paying off. I would be ticked off if I gave up bacon for nothing. 🙂

 I’ve also been exercising more and taking Centrum Cardio. Centrum cardio is the only over the counter item that has proved to reduce cholesterol. I was skeptical, but I didn’t have anything to lose so I started taking it in February…now I’m a believer. The doctor has been monitoring my cholesterol for 3 years and this was the first drop after several years of increasing levels.

My results are as follows:

  • Total Cholesterol     208 was 228 (ideal is under 200 or 175 with family history of heart disease)
  • HDL (good chol)     50 was 64 (above 50 is desired, under 40 indicates inc. risk of heart disease)
  • LDL (bad chol)     132 was 133 (Under 130 is desired, under 100 if know heart disease or diabetes)
  • Triglycerides     129 was 135 (Under 130 is desired)
  • blood glucose     86 was 88 (normal is between 70 – 100)

I know what you’re thinking “what a boring ass post”…sorry, but I did say I would post my lab results when they came in. I promise my next post will be full of sex, violence, strong language, and disturbing content…So basically I’ll be writing about dragonlady. 🙂


23 responses to “My Lab results are back and…….

  1. congrats on the good results.

    You may want to try fish oil or flax oil pills they are supposed to clear up cholesterol in a hurry.

  2. Thanks Hammer, I’ve heard about the fish oil thing so I’ve been eating tuna 2x per week. The articles I read said that tuna or salmon worked best.

  3. YAY!!! I don’t wanna get mine checked. lol

  4. DAZD! I expect total disclosure of your lab results…pronto!

  5. Congrats on the good news! Although, based on the title of that post, I thought you were going to say “And they discovered I’m actually a blonde, WOO HOO!” And then I was going to welcome you to the club, officially. Oh well. This is good too 🙂

    Yeah, Dazd…we want the goods. Don’t make us call in Paulie Walnuts… 😉

  6. Michelle: Alas my roots are still dark, but you could make me an honorary blonde.

  7. I’d be happy to. 🙂 In fact, both you and Dragon need to visit the lighter side…I can help you with that. 😉

  8. If’n I get it checked anytime soon, I will let ya know. 😉

  9. What do you mean “If’n”??? 🙂

  10. Dazd, haven’t you heard the expression “No Ifs, Ands or Buts”? 😉

  11. Dazd & Michelle: I am totally surprised and quite frankly disappointed that neither one of you has said a word about this statement.

    “I promise my next post will be full of sex, violence, strong language, and disturbing content…So basically I’ll be writing about dragonlady. ” 🙂

  12. Yeah, I was getting to that one, Goldbloom. Goes without saying: She WILL kill you, and let the retaliation begin…

    Why? What do you have on her? LOL.

  13. Her life story! LOL

  14. True. She really WILL kill you if you put up more pictures……..OR share embarrassing info. Remember where you will be very soon….just food for thought 😉

  15. Good point Michelle…I must proceed with caution.

  16. Why do I think you will throw caution to the wind? LOL.

  17. Because there’s a mighty wind a blowin! No wait it’s just dragon…LOL

  18. I didn’t mention it because I was waiting for said post.

    I didn’t want to jinx it or anything ya know.

    And yes…I said if’n I get it checked. 🙂

  19. Im worried that Dragon is the prime suspect for sex, violence and unwanted advances and strong language and unspeakable acts, I am sure as shit getting a “not worthy” complex here.
    Drip drip
    Little tear
    Drip drip
    You will
    Drip drip
    Kicked out off this ward
    And returned to active duty
    You SHYSTER.

  20. Oh Keesie….if it will make you feel better I’ll do a post ALL about YOU and it will be dripping with sex, violence, gratuious nudity, gore, & unspeakable acts of human degradation. Feel better now?

  21. All you health nuts are gonna feel pretty dumb lying in bed one day dying of nothing.

    BTW, what would Drags know about sex, violence, gratuious nudity, gore, & unspeakable acts of human degradation? She’s not blonde.

  22. Fester some things are better left unknown.

  23. frothingatlemouse

    Dude, I love that your results are cool.
    Fuck’em all if they can’t take joke.

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