Death to the Fraudsters!

There are people out there who think it’s funny to mess with others and in doing so can be mischievous and destructive. Sometimes their acts can cause hardship and pain for the people that they’ve chosen as their victims. In any case I say death to all of these Cretans who do their damage without regard to the feelings or lives of others.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, I’ve found myself a victim of one of these fraudster assholes. Someone thought it would be funny/amusing/destructive to open up several accounts on-line, in my name! They also decided it would be even more amusing to order things from these accounts and have the packages and the bills for said packages shipped to me. Oh and they’ve also signed me up for at least 1 magazine so far and yes I just received the invoice for it on Saturday. I was unaware of this attack on my identity until Friday afternoon when the mail came and I received 4 packages which I wasn’t expecting. Who knows how many things they’ve signed me up for, all I can do is wait for the bills to roll in.

I of course will not take this laying down. I’ve contacted all the companies who sent the packages and after explaining what was going on the accounts were closed and the charges dropped. They even told me to keep the packages and donate them to charity or do what I wanted with them. If those who really know me saw what was in the packages they would know that there is no way in hell that I ordered them. For instance one of the packages contained a book by Bill Clinton, I will donate that to my local dump.

I’ve already been able to find the IP address of the culprit, and I did a search on-line and gathered enough info about the address to contact the carrier and report what happened. I’ve had to put a fraud alert on my credit reports, and am getting ready to file a police report and a report with the FTC. Fixing this mess is a lot of work and my only hope is that when they discover who did this it will be someone with a lot of money, because I plan on sueing their asses off in civil court…if I can.

In closing I would like to say a few words to the scumbag who is doing this to me. “MAY YOU BURN IN HELL YOU ROTTEN PIECE OF HUMAN WASTE!”

UPDATE: I finished filing all the reports necessary, putting freezes on my accounts, and talking with the police…and then I received yet another package in the mail today! Did I say that all Fraudsters should DIE?!?


17 responses to “Death to the Fraudsters!

  1. Wow, that really sucks!
    I am happy to hear that you are on top of it.
    Go get the swine!

  2. that bites. Good luck

  3. I’ll prepare the pitchforks and torches to storm the castle, me lady!!!

  4. Wow… That stinks.

    Go git ’em Goldbloom!

  5. What a bunch of aholes. I hope they pay through the nose.

    Any idea where they got your info?

  6. Hammer: No I wish I could figure this out, but unfortunately I’ve gone as far as I can. The provider for the IP number won’t give me any info without a court order so the police are taking it from here.

    Morrigan, HB, Dazd & Freddie: Thanks and I’m not gonna rest until I know who did this…and they’ve paid for their stupidity.

  7. First of all, it wasn’t me.

    I, even as a joke, would never contribute anything to the Clintons cause.

  8. UNBELIEVABLE. I just can’t believe the lengths some people will go to. It’s not that I’m naive…it’s just that I, myself, would never do something like that and I can’t believe people actually waste their time when they could be doing constructive as opposed to destructive.

    I’m with Hammer–definitely a bunch of assholes. You know, they screwed with the wrong person, b/c I know you are fully capable of handing their asses to them somehow.

  9. Michelle: If I could get ahold of their asses there wouldn’t be anything to hand back. Grrrrr

  10. See, this is the reason why I find it hard to have faith in the human race…I know there are some great people out there, but there are SO many of these %^&*#@$ assholes, that it really makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

    Keep us posted on their asses, existent or not!

  11. I’m so sorry this happened to you, BTW.

  12. Thanks Michelle. You know their timing is impeccable…like I didn’t have enough on my plate right now.

  13. No doubt. I’ll keep sending you good vibes, and praying you catch the bastards.

  14. BTW the IP address for this scum is just in case any of you know how to get any farther than I did.

  15. …. wow, that is absolutely horrible…….. nail the bastard if you can!…….

  16. Hey Goldbloom, they got my dad too on Wednesday—a scam via the internet telling him he needed to renew anti-virus software and when he did, they did something so now he can’t even access his email. Granted, he should have used his head (he said it was a knee-jerk reaction) but just one more example of people preying on other people unnecessarily. Bastards.

  17. frothingatlemouse

    This is so creepy. I would gladly hold down (with sharp objects) the culprit whilst you beat them up.

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