My last weekend as a hoosier

Well I’ve just finished my last weekend here in the state of my birth and am now preparing to become a transplanted southerner. I’m kind of excited about moving south, because I’ve always wanted to live in a warmer climate…At the same time I’m saddened by the circumstances involved with the move. Trying to separate 23 years worth of accumulation is not only an emotional, but a daunting task. It’s funny I think Jose and I are the complete opposite of most couples going through this…we’re both worried about the other one getting screwed over.

My oldest daughter came to spend the weekend with me before I take off, I think she is suppressing her feelings about this whole thing and will hopefully be able to work through it without too much pain. Jose II seems to be dealing with things very well…I’m gonna miss the little shit. He wants to stay with Jose and I had already decided I wouldn’t force the kids to come with me if they didn’t want to…they need to feel like they have some control of their lives in a situation like this. Katira is also staying with her father, which I kind of figured, because of her boyfriend, friends, and school. She’s 17 though and she plans on coming down when she graduates. Jeremy wants to go with me and I think it’s a good thing especially since he’s got the special diet that I’ve dealt with since his birth…Jose would have been lost

I think I’m leaving Indiana just in time…it will all be underwater soon if it keeps getting hammered by these God awful storms. Jose should start drawing up plans for a houseboat…If he can stop admiring the lawn long enough. We’ve spent the last couple of years trying to do something with our crappy yard and this year all of that hard work finally paid off. The yard looks absolutely beautiful this year, and the evil rains are actually helping it.

Well I must get back to packing and pulling my hair out…Anyone know of a good wig company?


11 responses to “My last weekend as a hoosier

  1. I’m praying for you.

  2. Just in time for Hurricane season. 😉

  3. It’s cool that things are amicable between you, and that you’re letting the kids have some control.

    My mom is where you’re transplanting to, sometimes. If she ever starts speaking to me again and we go down to visit, maybe we can set something up. I’d LOVE to meet y’all someday.

    Have a safe trip.

  4. best of luck with your new life. Will you continue to blog?

  5. Have a safe journey and look forward to you blogging about the trip.

  6. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

    HB: Yes I will continue blogging…and I’ll probably have a lot more to blog about.

    Freddie: It would be wonderful to do a meet with you, just let me know when and where.

    Becky: Hurricanes?!?!?! Good Lord I forgot about the hurricanes.

    JT: Thanks…I think I need all of those I can get.

  7. Now I’m really mad I missed Dazd’s ‘meet up’ last year. Maybe you guys will com back up for the next one…

    Best of luck MsG!!!

  8. You asked if anyone knew a good source for wigs…//not that I have first-hand experience w/ them…//

    Get wiggy wid it!

  9. It will be okay. Just as you will be okay too. Maybe some day we can meet half way and have a mini blog meet.

  10. Thanks MrD I’ll have to bookmark that site.

  11. So happy to hear that you guys can still talk and work with each other, that helps immensely.
    I hope all goes well with your move. That is something I hope to never do again.
    Wow, I had no idea you were so close! Our gulch is in Kentucky and my hubby is originally from Indiana.
    Glad to hear that you will keep blogging!

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