Moving on

Well today was pretty eventful. I helped Mr Drags pic up some furniture for my son’s room and we got it all moved back and in place. My God it gets hot down here! Then drags and I were able to get Jeremy’s room all unpacked and finished, he was very excited about the end result.

After we all got cleaned up I went by the University and put in a job application and then Mr. Drags took us all out to a Mexican restaurant. As we pulled up Jeremy said “This isn’t a Mexican restaurant” to which Mr Drags replied “Yes they have real Mexicans working here”. I cringed at this comment (knowing my son) and as soon as Jeremy got out of the car he announce (and loudly I might add) “You’re right they do have real Mexicans here!” Drags and I about died! After I had a little talk with Jeremy we entered the restaurant and were seated. Things went fairly smoothly until we were discussing the music being piped throughout the restaurant and Jeremy suddenly announced (Again very loudly) “I’m going to be a Mexican singer.” Drags and I about choked on our food…REALLY! I think the kid must get that from his Dad, the whole blurting out whatever comes to mind thing. Sorry Jose, but you know it’s true. 🙂

Anyway things are coming together here and I’m not as nervous as I was, although I still feel anxious about the situation sometimes. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers…you don’t know how much they mean to me!


5 responses to “Moving on

  1. Troy! …what a lovely city.

    Ok…so it’s not. You do have a football team that can beat Florida State. So you have that goin’ for ya, which is nice.

  2. This reminds me of my youngest daughter, she was the one who would blurt out comments like this and then want to argue her point of view. After one particularly embarrassing session, I told her I was going to take her to vet and have her put to sleep. She then proceeded to tell everyone she ran across……..She is now 23, and has not outgrown this.

  3. When I first moved from Missouri to New Mexico I was the same way. Real Mexicans were a novelty.

    Glad you’re doing ok.

  4. Wow. Real live Mexicans and everything! See, the world is opening up already. There is a noticeable lack of diversity here in Indiana.

    Glad you’re doing okay!

  5. Your son sounds like my daughter. Take care of yourself.

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