Thanks Michelle

Dragon and I received a care package from reader Michelle….Thanks Michelle! It contained lots of stuff for dragon and I to fight overshare. Actually we didn’t fight, I just hid everything from Dragon…just kidding Michelle. 🙂 The package contained some awesome inspirational books, and a STEVEN TYLER bookmark…woohoo! There was also some yummy stuff, you can never go wrong with chocolate…NEVER! There was also some beauty products, which Dragon is in desperate need of so I’ll probably let the poor thing have them. There were also some green tea, dip mix…it was just a box full of stuff and Drags and I had fun going through it. So again…Thanks Michelle for the pleasant surprise.

All has been pretty quiet on the home front, trying to get a routine down and get used to not having Jose and the other 2 kids around. It all still seems pretty surreal to me at this point. Jose is feeling some anger towards me right now so he said he doesn’t want to talk to me for a while. Hopefully that changes, because I would hate to lose him as a friend.

So has anything outrageous or entertaining happened to any of you lately? If so PLEASE share, I need something to make me laugh right now.


9 responses to “Thanks Michelle

  1. You are most welcome…glad you liked it 🙂 AND I KNEW you’d like that bookmark! LOL. A little birdie told me you would. I think it’s laminated, so if you drool on it, it should still be ok.

  2. Lets see..nothing exciting happening with me. Such is life…

    Well…there is the 2nd anniversary of my blog but thats not real exciting.

  3. I had a Dog Incident that might make you laugh:
    <a href=” go read.

  4. Oops, darn html!!
    <a href=””here

    Let’s see if that worked!

  5. Nope, the string is too long, it keeps splitting it up. here it is:

  6. Come visit my blog…I always gear it with humor in mind.

    I have had life altering changes…Marriage…more kids…stuff like that.

    Glad to see that you are doing well though! Keep makin it do what it do babe!


  7. frothingatlemouse

    Hmmm. Kids are taking a vacation and we’re not. That’s amusing…

    Hope you’re hanging in. Sounds like you and your sis have everything handled warpwise. Right? Is there any other way to handle things?!?!?

  8. That Michelle must send a bunch of gifts, since you have thanking her for two weeks…I am just sayin’.

  9. HB, LOL. I was wondering the same thing myself…where the HELL is the next post, Goldbloom? You have no excuse now..we know who you live with. [Exert undue influence here, Dragon].

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