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Happy Halloween!

I was trying to come up with the perfect Halloween post and finally just decided to write another one of my dream stories. So ladies and gentlemen I give you, Goldbloom’s Nightmares & Dreamstates “The midnight snack”.

A loud clap of thunder had woken me from a restful sleep. From the sounds of it we were in the midst of a fierce storm. I rolled over and a bright flash of lightening lit up the bedroom and I noticed that Jose wasn’t in bed. At that moment I heard a moaning sound coming from somewhere in the house. Jose was probably having another bad night with his restless leg syndrome. I rolled over and had just started to drift off again when I heard the sound of glass breaking. It startled me and I lay there very still for a moment trying to listen for any other noises. Again I heard the moaning and it was one of the eeriest sounds that  I have ever heard. Where was Hollywood anyway? If there was something to be worried about surely he’d let me know…wouldn’t he? I slowly climbed out of bed trying not to make any noise, but one of my feet had become tangled in the sheets and I came down hard on my other foot causing a loud thud. “Damn it” I stood there very still listening; it had gotten awfully quiet down stairs. “Okay Goldbloom get a grip, you’re letting your imagination run away with you”. I reached under the bed and pulled out the big axe handle, which I kept there for protection. I slowly started making my way towards the bedroom door when I stepped in something slimy…Yuck! Did Hollywood throw up again? I wiped my foot along the carpet and continued towards the door. When I reached the door I opened it just a crack and listened. There was some movement downstairs, and I told myself that it was probably just Jose making himself a midnight snack. I whispered for Hollywood to come to me, but there was no response. Where was that dog, he was my shadow and would have normally been right at my feet. Holding my axe handle like a baseball bat I entered the upstairs hallway. The first thing that got my attention was the light spilling into the hall from the kid’s bedrooms. “What the hell” I walked over to their rooms and looked in, the kids were not there. I glanced over at the clock on Katira’s nightstand and it showed that it was 3:18 am.  A new noise now drifted up the stairs, it was a sickening slurping, smacking, wet sound. “What the hell is that…Where are my children?” My protective mom persona took over and I went charging through the hallway and down the stairs like a raging bull. When I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner into the family room I stopped dead in my tracks. A nightmare was unfolding in front of me, and I just wanted to scream but no sound would come forth. I could see through to the dining room and all 3 kids were sitting around the table. The kids had blood smeared all around their mouths and their eyes were glowing. Then my eyes focused on what was spread out in the middle of the table…it was poor Hollywood and he was apparently the main course. Just then Jose walked in from the kitchen and he was covered in blood and had that same eerie glow in his eyes. They all turned to look at me and I felt my blood run cold. I was fighting the nausea that was threatening to overtake me when the kids started speaking in unison “Come join us mommy…won’t you?”. Jose started coming towards me and I noticed that he had a meat cleaver in his hand. I somehow shook off the fog that had immobilized me and started running back up the stairs. I was about ½ way up when I realized that I should have ran out of the house and to one of the neighbors for help. “Damn it Goldbloom…you’ve got to keep your wits about you” I ran into our bedroom and locked the door behind me. I could hear Jose slowly making his way up the stairs. I screamed at him “What is wrong with you…Why are you doing this?”. I looked around and noticed the phone on the nightstand. I quickly ran over picked up the phone and dialed 911. When I put the phone to my ear all I could hear was “Why are you fighting it mommy…please come and join us”. I began to scream just as Jose broke down the door.  


Top Ten Reasons Halloween is better than…


10. You’re guaranteed to get a little something in the sack.

9. The uglier you are, the easier it is to get some goodies.

8. It doesn’t matter if the kids hear you moaning and groaning.

7. Less guilt the morning after.

6. It doesn’t matter if they fantasize you’re somebody else, because you are.

5. Forty years from now, you’ll still enjoy candy.

4. If you don’t get what you want, you can always go next door.

3. If you get tired, you can wait 10 minutes and go again.

2. You don’t have to compliment the person who gives you their goodies.

1. You can do the whole neighborhood!