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My Old/New Years Resolutions

I just noticed that my resolutions from last year are the same ones I have for this year….imagine that! 

Okay…It’s that time of year again when I start to think about my resolutions for the coming year. I really have a good feeling about this years list…hehehe!

1. I promise to quit smoking…even if it takes me the rest of my life to do it!

2. I vow to exercise less, too much exercise can really aggravate your muscles.

3. I will YELL at my kids more…darned kids these days can’t have too much discipline.

4. I promise to watch more television…for educational purposes. heh heh!

5. I promise to stop procrastinating…No wait I’ll do that one next year.

6. I promise to stop eaating so much junnnk foodddddddddd…D*mn it! I goot kriiispe Krreme all ovver mmmy keyboards and my keeeeys areee stiiiiiiicking!

7. I will only drink pure alcohol…none of that non pure stuff for me anymore.

8. I vow to stop spending so much money at the store. I’ll start using plastic instead…for the economy you know!?!

9. I will stop reading so much to protect my eyes!

10. Last, but not least…I will show my husband more respect. :::grits teeth::: “D*mn it Jose…What did I tell you about interrupting me when I’M BUSY!!”


An urgent message from our Soldiers!


This pic was shamefully taken from Wuzzadem.

Manic Monday

Well the weekend was WAY too short, and here it is Monday again. Although the way my weekend went it’s a good thing it wasn’t any longer…heh. Have you ever had one of those weekends that stressed you out so bad that you needed another weekend just to recuperate from it? I’m sitting here trying to think of something intelligent to write, and I’ve got to tell ya I’m coming up empty. Okay watch it Drago I know what you’re thinking! Maybe after I’ve had a couple POTS of coffee and smoke a few PACKS of cigarettes something will come to me….then again maybe I’ll need medical intervention!

A match made in…..?


IL Kim: If wowd of ouw wuv gets owt it couwd scwew youw chances in da next eerection!

‘IL Kim raps it up!

Since one of my regular readers is a fan of my ‘il Kim character I’m dedicating this post to him… Tony this Kim’s for you! LoL


Oh my big bomb bwing all da boys to da yawd..haha it bettew dan yaws…damn wight it betta dan yaws


Dah dah…dah dah dah dah dah…dah dah dah dah!


I know yew want it…yew want my bomb. It go boom all night wong! I gonna show yew , da wurld will see my big bomb it make histowy.


Dah dah…dah dah dah dah dah…dah dah dah dah!


Is it hot in here or is it just me?


I will demonstwate my big bomb fow da wold to see & eef yew dont wike it you can …………..




Story Time!

Let’s see who can write the best short story following the story line of these pics. This could get quite interesting…LOL!

UPDATE: I’m going to keep this post on top for a few days, but you can scroll down for new Posts.