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Udderly Amazing!

Okay this post was inspired by recent posts at “Hog on ice“. Steve has been having a jugathon, which was inspired by the recent craze of females who are using their jugs to draw people to their blog sites. The things some people will do for hits! :::cough::: So I thought I would do an experiment and see just how many hits one could get. I quickly decided that I wasn’t going to use my own…ahem…jugaroonies for this experiment so I’m using a volunteer set. Now that I have the set in place I’m having a hard time coming up with a title. I don’t want it to be too offensive, but I want it to attract the traffic otherwise the experiment will be useless. Some Ideas I’ve tossed around were “T^ts for hits”, “Bada Boob Bada Bing”, “Twin Peaks”, “The booby hatch”, “These jugs were made for milkin” & “Nipples of fury”. These were all funny and everything but I decided on the above title, because it’s simple & less offensive. Besides I’ve already put all the raunchier stuff in this post so I’ll get the hits anyways. Alrighty folks it’s time to put Elsie to work!