A day in the wild…..

…or spending the day with dragon.¬†

Last week we went to McClellan’s Critters and saw all sorts of wild animals. Although Dragon was still the most ferocious looking of them all…Hehehe. Below are some pics from the visit.

This was a baby tiger that was running around loose…it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

This is Jeremy wih a six day old goat.

This was dragon holding a snake who was trying to give her a rectal exam. ūüôā Notice the look on her face.

Here’s Dragon and Jeremy with a bear cub…they were sooo cute! If you held your hand out they would grab your hand like a baby grabs a bottle and proceed to suck your fingers.

We also got to hold baby alligators, they were pretty cute too. The place was simply amazing and being able to interact with the animals like we did was an awesome experience. Jeremy had a blast and it was wonderful watching him with the animals. We can’t wait to go back.


Thanks Michelle

Dragon¬†and I received a care package from reader Michelle….Thanks Michelle! It contained lots of stuff for dragon and I to fight overshare. Actually we didn’t fight, I just hid everything from Dragon…just kidding Michelle. ūüôā The package contained some awesome inspirational books, and a STEVEN TYLER bookmark…woohoo! There was also some yummy stuff, you can never go wrong with chocolate…NEVER! There was also some beauty products, which Dragon is in desperate need of so I’ll probably let the poor thing have them. There were also some green tea, dip mix…it was just a box full of stuff and Drags and I had fun going through it. So again…Thanks Michelle for the pleasant surprise.

All has been pretty quiet on the home front, trying to get a routine down and get used to not having Jose and the other 2 kids around. It all still seems pretty surreal to me at this point.¬†Jose is feeling some anger towards me right now so¬†he said he doesn’t want to talk to me for a while. Hopefully that changes, because I would hate to lose him as a friend.

So has anything outrageous or entertaining happened to any of you lately? If so PLEASE share, I need something to make me laugh right now.

Just call me nurse Goldbloom

Today dragon had outpatient surgery performed and she is now in a drug induced coma. I’ve been taking care of her this evening since tonight is opening night for a play¬†MrDrags¬†has been¬†working on. She’s been a very naughty patient so I’m just glad the drugs have finally kicked in. For starters the doctor told her no smoking for a while….so what do you think¬†she did¬†first thing upon entering the car? If you guessed “lighting up a cigarette” you are absolutely right. she’s so¬†obstinant sometimes! Then when we get home she drinks coffee….she’s supposed to keep ice packs on the area to reduce swelling and slow bleeding! The instructions said “may use heat after 24 hours.” She also wanted us to dance and when I said absolutely not she wanted us to go plant some of her flowers…can you believe that?

Maybe while she’s out I should put some shaving cream on her hand and tickle her nose. Or I could get a permanent marker and write bad words all over her face.

Nah I should just leave her alone, because she WOULD get even…I’ve learned that from experience.

Ah isn’t that cute…she’s all sacked out and snoring like there’s no tomorrow. Good Lord I think she’s even slobbering. ūüôā

Well I’d better go relax while I can, when she wakes up she’ll start ringing¬† the little bell that she keeps on her night stand. Besides I haven’t scrubbed the kitchen floor yet or waxed dragon’s legs & buttocks…hopefully she’ll overlook this since I’ve had to postpone my duties to take care of her. Wish me luck!


The Bucket List

Have you guys seen the movie called “the bucket list”???? Well for those of you who haven’t it’s about two older guys who make a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. I was thinking, hey I could make one of those even though I’m still in my prime…shut up drags! Dragon has already added para-sailing to my list, she thinks I won’t do it but I’ll show her….hmph!

Some things I’ve added are:

  1. Giving CPR to Steve Tyler
  2. Have nurse ratchet give Dragon a full body wax
  3. Go to Jamaica man
  4. Spank a midget
  5. Find Big Foot and collect the million dollars being offered

Hey you guys could help me out I need to add to this list since I’m still in my prime and have many more years ahead of me…I’ll definitely need a longer list. Come on leave some ideas in the comment section, help Goldbloom spice up her life.

Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry for the posting shortage again…I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record! This time however I’ve been very busy getting settled here. I’ve not only gotten all unpacked and done the bank account and license branch thing this week, I’ve also applied for 4 jobs at Troy University…keep your fingers crossed for me.

Jeremy is also getting adjusted here and although he misses his siblings and father very much he is doing quite well, probably due to the fact that Mr & Mrs Dragon are spoiling him like crazy! When the time comes and I’m leaving to move into my own place he’ll probably want to stay here!

Jose and the other kids made it back to Indiana okay and are in their own adjustment period. I hope they are able to work out a routine and things run smoothly for them.

If there is one thing I’ve learned through all of this it’s “Life is so unpredictable.” Just a few years ago I would have never dreamed that I’d be going through this.¬†I am making the best of it, what else can I do?

Hope y’all are having a great weekend, and I’ll see ya next week.

Moving on

Well today was pretty eventful. I helped Mr Drags pic up some furniture for my son’s room and we got it all moved back and in place. My God it gets hot down here! Then drags and I were able to get Jeremy’s room all unpacked and finished, he was very excited about the end result.

After we all got cleaned up I went by the University and put in a job application and then Mr. Drags took us all out to a Mexican restaurant. As we pulled up Jeremy said “This isn’t a Mexican restaurant” to which Mr Drags replied “Yes they have real Mexicans working here”. I cringed at this comment (knowing my son) and as soon as Jeremy got out of the car he announce (and loudly I might add) “You’re right they do have real Mexicans here!” Drags and I about died! After I had a little talk with Jeremy we entered the restaurant and were seated. Things went fairly smoothly until we were discussing the music being piped throughout the restaurant and Jeremy suddenly announced (Again very loudly) “I’m going to be a Mexican singer.” Drags and I about choked on our food…REALLY! I think the kid must get that from his Dad, the whole blurting out whatever comes to mind thing. Sorry Jose, but you know it’s true. ūüôā

Anyway things are coming together here and I’m not as nervous as I was, although I still feel anxious about the situation sometimes. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers…you don’t know how much they mean to me!

Well I Made It

I am now settled into my new room at the dragon household. Dragon had it all set up and ready for me…she even had mints on my pillow. Things went fairly smoothly except for a short breakdown by Jose II. The poor guy about broke my heart! After a lot of loving, talking, and comforting¬†he was feeling much better. He actually¬†handled it pretty well when they departed today and left Me and Jeremy behind. This has to be one of the most heart wrenching experiences that I’ve ever been through in my entire life¬†and if not for Mr & Mrs Drags I don’t think I would make it.

Today I started creating my new life here in Troy, I opened up a bank account and then Drags and I took Jeremy to Wally World to buy some new outdoor toys and a kids pool. Jeremy is doing very well considering, he’s calling Drags Mom #2 and has been her shadow all day. We also unpacked and got my stuff all in order and put away in its proper place.

Tomorrow I will go get my new drivers license and Drags will get hers renewed….I hope they let me go first…just in case Drags breaks the camera. ūüôā¬† I’m also going to make a trip to the University and see about a job and¬†about enrolling for classes. So much to do! My life is going to be VERY busy for a while but I’m still going to try and post something at least every other day.¬†I’m kind of enjoying keeping busy and I think it keeps me from dwelling on things.